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The 30 Greatest Country Songs For People Who Don't Like Country

Welcome to my Country Music Blog (a phrase I never thought I'd say) where from the 18th June I will be counting (in order) the 30 Greatest Country songs for people who think country music is proper lame!



#7 The Band – The Weight (1968)

By deathbypie, Sep 17 2018 08:54AM

'I pulled into Nazareth, was feeling 'bout half past dead'

My Dad insists that this is not a Country Song but I have to disagree... It opens with the lines: 'I pulled into Nazereth, was feeling 'bout half past dead'. Quite possibly the most cowboy line I've ever heard. The Band were the perfect mixture of country, rock and blues. 'The Night They Drove Ol' Dixy Down' is a corker too. Their live album 'The Last Waltz' is the ultimate guest appearance performance... With guest spots from Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Staple Singers, Van Morrison and Neil Diamond to name a few.

Here I have provided you with the non-live version and don't forget to take a load off Fanny!


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